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Topic: ✔ CompCert exploit tactic in Ltac2

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Michael Soegtrop said:

So a difference between Ltac2 refine and Ltac refine is that Ltac1 refine includes a shelve_unifiable.

Do you think I should open an issue to adjust the behaviour of Ltac2 refine (the notation, not the Control.refine function) to that of Ltac1 refine?

Yes. For ease of translation from Ltac1, I think the version that does not shelve should be named simple refine, and the version that shelves everything should be named eexact. If this is too ad-hoc, then instead there should be another file "Ltac1CompatNotations", or something, which (re)defines notations to more closely match with Ltac1, maybe making them all deprecated (with no scheduled removal date) to indicate that they should not be used in new scripts, only in porting.

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I think most people who build elaborate automation based on Ltac2 use the functions and not the notations and few people are using Ltac2 in proof mode, so my expectation is that changing this breaks close to nothing, but one would have to see. The nice thing about changing the notations is that it is then very explicit what they do.

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My thought with compat was less about whether or not the change breaks things and more about whether or not Ltac1's design here is good enough to keep in Ltac2 (e.g., maybe this difference was deliberate on @Pierre-Marie Pédrot 's part)

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