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Topic: Typing in coq-elpi

view this post on Zulip Enzo Crance (Jan 25 2021 at 16:53):

Good evening. I am slowly learning Coq-Elpi and experimenting with it. Somehow it looks like the Coq typechecker does not behave the same way in Coq-Elpi and in Coq.
Let me show an example with the MathComp int type and ring notations.

Variable x : int.
Check (2%:Z + x * 3)%R.

This gives int_Zmodtype in Coq whereas coq.typecheck under an Elpi Query gives a type error because it thinks 3 is of type nat.

Elpi Query lp:{{ T = {{ (2%:Z + x * 3)%R }}, coq.typecheck T Ty Diag. }}.
Illegal application:
The term "GRing.mul" of type "forall R : ringType, R -> R -> R"
cannot be applied to the terms
 "int_Ring" : "ringType"
 "x" : "int"
 "3" : "nat"
The 3rd term has type "nat" which should be coercible to
 "GRing.Ring.sort int_Ring".

Is there an external reason for that, like Elpi not having access to some notations / coercions / structure instances? As I am far from being an expert on these topics, I cannot manage to find the origin of the error. Do you have an idea? Thanks in advance!

view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (Jan 25 2021 at 16:59):

Long story short: Coq has many typecheckers ;-)

The one behind Check is available via the elaborate-skeleton API .
The one you are calling is used internally in Coq in many places, but I don't think there is a command like Check for it. It cannot insert coercions (compare the the types of the two APIs, one cannot return an update term, but only assign its metavariables).

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view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (Jan 25 2021 at 17:00):

If you look for skeleton around in the file, you may find a few more APIs and comments on this "data".

view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (Jan 25 2021 at 17:03):

The idea of "skeletons" is that the API does not modify that term, but rather use it as a skeleton to produce a new term which is somewhat related, but may contain more nodes (eg coercions).

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