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Topic: ✔ [beginner] Arguments of a tactic defined with `Elpi`

view this post on Zulip Enzo Crance (Sep 19 2022 at 14:13):

Something like this?

Tactic Notation "mytac" constr(l) integer(n) := elpi mytac ltac_term:(l) ltac_int:(n).

view this post on Zulip Pierre Vial (Sep 19 2022 at 14:16):

Yes, it does work, though, for some reason, when the tactic had only one argument (aka l), it wasn't necessary to wrise ltac_term: before l on the right-hand side

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view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (Sep 19 2022 at 19:09):

The problem is the missing : after ltac_int, not the extra ltac_term.

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