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Topic: Possible VST 2.9.1 release

view this post on Zulip Andrew Appel (Feb 22 2022 at 18:35):

When is the Coq Platform 8.15 release expected, that is, not the "beta package pick" but the real thing?
I am considering making a VST 2.9.1 release, which will be very much like VST 2.9 but with these changes:

  1. Eliminate many deprecation warnings when building with Coq 8.15
  2. Refactor targets in makefile to more clearly separate opam build from continuous-integration tests
  3. Refactor LICENSE file so that the opam release (included in Coq Platform) is purely BSD-2-clause open source

So my questions are:
Is this going to be an inconvenience for the Coq Platform team?
Should I wait for a future Coq Platform release to do this?
As a practical matter, what is my deadline for tagging vst2.9.1 ?

view this post on Zulip Théo Zimmermann (Feb 22 2022 at 19:07):

I think that it should be fine to include in the next release. It's expected to be named 2021.03 and to be released at the very beginning of March. @Michael Soegtrop should confirm.

view this post on Zulip Karl Palmskog (Feb 22 2022 at 19:33):

ah, it's a bit unfortunate if the Platform releases actually disincentivizes new package releases. Would be good if we had some heuristics, like "a minor release/update to a package will be considered for platform inclusion if it's 2 weeks or longer before the planned Platform release"

view this post on Zulip Michael Soegtrop (Feb 23 2022 at 09:12):

The release is pretty much finished and expected to happen in the next 2 weeks. Only a few packages are scheduled for updates and for a few packages the pick confirmation of the maintainers is still missing. The is the 8.15 tracker issue.

@Andrew Appel CoqPlatform 2022.3 is not yet released, so If you want to change the VST version, please reopen ( - this will then automatically be signaled in the tracker issue.

@Karl Palmskog : The idea is that each new release of the Coq Platform (that is when the date code changes) comes with new package pick for the latest and previous latest version. The 2022.03 release is a bit special because it is so close after the 2022.01 release and the 8.15 beta was published with the 2022.01 release, so I don't plan for a beta phase which mean the package pick should be compatible. In the future I hope we can do this properly - with a beta release of Coq Platform.

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