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Topic: Next Coq Platform release?

view this post on Zulip Andrew Appel (Jun 07 2021 at 18:19):

When can we expect the next Coq Platform release? Now that CompCert 3.9 and VST 2.8 are in opam, I am eagerly awaiting a Platform release, so that VST 2.8 users can simply install the Platform instead of doing opam installs. But if there is no Platform coming soon, I'll just tell them to do opam installs, I guess.

view this post on Zulip Théo Zimmermann (Jun 07 2021 at 18:34):

These are major releases IIUC. Therefore, for a platform release to include them, this should also be a major platform release. The beta release for 2021.07, with Coq 8.14, should come in a few weeks at most, so it seems unlikely to me that there will be another major release of the platform before.

view this post on Zulip Michael Soegtrop (Jun 08 2021 at 08:31):

@Andrew Appel : I plan to do a dev and a beta release of Coq Platform 2021.06 (or 07) as soon as there is a release branch.

For the "compile from sources" variant it is easy to get around this: don't install CompCert (the scripts ask for this), and as soon as the script finished do "opam update; opam install coq-vst". This should do it. If you need installers e.g. for a lecture soon, this is easy to do.

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