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Topic: print dependency graph

view this post on Zulip Ben Siraphob (May 09 2022 at 20:21):

How do I generate the (module-level) dependency graph for my development? coq-dpdgraph generates graphs that are too huge and all programs fail to render the generated .dot file

view this post on Zulip Karl Palmskog (May 09 2022 at 20:25):

many people build file dependency graph by just post-processing coqdep output, for example I do this here and here. Another take in Coquelicot is here

view this post on Zulip Yannick Forster (May 10 2022 at 07:01):

Another alternative is to use the coqdep -dumpgraph feature from Coq 8.11 after compiling with whatever Coq version you need

view this post on Zulip Philipp G. Haselwarter (May 11 2022 at 07:45):

calling tred (1) - transitive reduction filter for directed graphs as Karl does in one of the scripts he linked can reduce the size of the graph substantially

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