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Topic: Why must "Parameters should be syntactically the same"

view this post on Zulip Ali Caglayan (Jul 30 2020 at 17:52):

When we define mutual inductive types, we can supply parameters and indices, however coq rejects any attempt to give different parameters. Is there a good reason for this?

This can be observed in the following code:

Require Import Prelude.

Inductive fooA : nat -> Type :=
| barA : forall n, fooA n
with fooB : nat -> nat -> Type :=
| barB : forall n m, fooA n -> fooB n m

Inductive fooA' (n : nat) : Type :=
| barA' : fooA' n
with fooB' (n : nat) : nat -> Type :=
| barB' : forall m, fooA' n -> fooB' n m

Inductive fooA'' (n : nat) : Type :=
| barA'' : fooA'' n
with fooB'' : nat -> nat -> Type :=
| barB'' : forall n m, fooA'' n -> fooB'' n m

fooA has the most general eliminators, but they could be too powerful for something I want to do. fooA' is the weaker version where both inductives have a parameter. But if I wanted only the weak eliminator for fooA' I cannot give different parameters as I did for fooA''. When I try this I get the message Parameters should be syntactically the same for each inductive type..

Having the same parameters in every body of the mutual definition seems unnecessarily restrictive to me.

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