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I'm not a coq user, yet, but I'm trying to be.
If there is a better place for this question,
please feel free to direct me.
At , I found
Get the Coq Platform scripts via either of these methods

Most users should download and extract

I did that.
On Fedora 38, I did groupinstall of "Development Tools" .
It did not install either ocaml or opam.
I hope the scripts take care of that.
Do they?

Apparently invokes a lot of other scripts,
nine of which ask me questions.
I'd really like to know the questions and the answers ahead of time.
Doing that on the fly is something I'm likely to screw up.
I infer that one of those questions will be for a package list.
I'll want one with gappa, but do not even know the form of the answer to use.
What are the questions and what form do the answers take?

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