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Topic: Triangle

view this post on Zulip sara lee (Dec 26 2021 at 09:41):

I have triangle and three ones are placed at its vertexes.I want to formally write all three ones are linked with each other.Union or and between them will be useful?

view this post on Zulip Clément Blaudeau (Dec 26 2021 at 17:11):

Hi Sara! We need more details to help you out. What do you mean by "I have a triangle with ones at its vertexes" ? Are you trying to formalize a pen&paper proof in Coq ?

view this post on Zulip sara lee (Dec 29 2021 at 14:55):

Yes.I want to keep the vertexes detail in list . I have two more lists of vertexes. To check the contents of two lists and to verify it is equal to the first list. I should perform list equality or check that two lists are subset of first one?

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