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Topic: Software Foundations with SSReflect

view this post on Zulip grianneau (Aug 09 2023 at 10:32):

A modified version of Software Foundations to work with SSReflect:
It is just a draft of modified chapters up to the chapter Tactics in volume 1. So the rest of the content is left unchanged at the moment. I'm planning to add a modified version of the chapter Logic as well.

view this post on Zulip Karl Palmskog (Aug 09 2023 at 10:48):

I think many people prefer to work through Coq source files in their editor of choice, so probably a good idea to add .v sources if you'd like more users

view this post on Zulip grianneau (Aug 09 2023 at 11:23):

Thank you for your feedback. I added the .v source files to the repository, which is public.
(These .v files should not contain solutions to the exercices.)

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