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Topic: Disable selective literal notation

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I have a special string notation for names defined like this:

Declare Scope cpp_name_scope.
Delimit Scope cpp_name_scope with cpp_name.
String Notation name parse_name print_name : cpp_name_scope.
Bind Scope cpp_name_scope with name.

This is almost always the way that I want to interact with these terms, but on occasion (e.g. when I am debugging things), I want to look at the underlying syntax. Is it possible to selectively disable this printer and not other literal printers? For example, the name type contains strings and I would like to be able to disable the name printer, but still see the strings that it contains as strings.

Near solutions?

Definition dont_print : name -> option (list Byte.byte) := fun _ => None.
Definition dont_parse : list Byte.byte -> option name := fun _ => None.

String Notation name dont_parse dont_print : cpp_name_scope.

But that didn't seem to work either. Is this possible to do in Coq? If not, is it a feature that could be added?

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