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Topic: Copying/Cloning environments for sandboxing

view this post on Zulip andrew touchet (Jun 06 2022 at 20:13):

Does anyone know of any tools or general approaches for making a copy of a build environment?

Im looking to use different commits from one or more git repos to identify when proofs broke, but I’ve encountered scenarios where version constraints change between commits.

So instead of recompiling dependencies and coq everytime, I was hoping to clone/copy the existing installation and only update the offending dependencies and constraints.

view this post on Zulip Roland Coeurjoly Lechuga (Jun 06 2022 at 20:17):

I think nix provides the tools you would need. I would create different shells, which install different versions of Coq and other dependencies, and you could switch between them freely without conflicts.

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