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Topic: ✔ Silencing notation-overriden warning

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I'd like to get rid of a notation-overriden warning globally for one specific notation. (FTR, the notation in question is ~ P from the stdlib, that I want to map to notT P rather than not P, so that I can also negate Type-level propositions). If I locally use Set Warning "-notation-overriden" and Set Warning "notation-overriden" around the culprit notation, I silence the warning there, but it still gets raised whenever I import that file. I saw that there is a shining, attribute based technique to do this in the latest Coq versions, but what is the way to do this in older (8.15) Coq versions?

view this post on Zulip Gaëtan Gilbert (Jan 09 2023 at 12:14):

Export Set Warning around the notation

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