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Topic: ✔ Good coding practices for coq

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This first of few posts on this topic (the next will be request for code review for stuff I wrote)

For most programming languages, there is good coding practices/patterns that developers should stick to,
(stuff that goes into the linting of any programming language).

Is there similar good/bad practices for Coq, I am looking at things that include stuff to avoid, stuff to adhere to, naming conventions (especially lemma naming conventions, I don't know a good strategy to pick good names for theorems, lemmas). Any thing in general that makes code more readable for coq in particular (aside from commenting the code).

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bonus points for any coq linters.

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thanks a lot, I will see the styles referenced in the paper, but the third document is almost the thing I am looking for as a starting point.

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Some additions:

Note that what is an anti-pattern in one style can be a pattern in another. If you're relying heavily on a given set of libraries (MathComp, Iris, etc), it might be a good idea to try to emulate its style. From what I understand the standard library doesn't have much of a fixed style.

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the Stdlib has multiple styles. Sometimes consistent across a subset of files.

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