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Given two values of a coinductive type, is it possible to have a function determining whether they represent they are equal?

Like Stream from

Is a function like

Definition strm_eq {A:Type} (a b:Stream A) : bool := ..


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No. From strm_eq, you can solve the halting problem. The idea is that for each Turing machine with each input, there's a stream representing its trace. You can then do some transformations on this trace so that the machine (not) halting is equivalent to the stream being all 0s.

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The closest you could do, assuming decidable equality on A, is basically semi-deciding if they are different via a function in the delay monad, i.e. of type: Definition strm_eq (a b : Stream A) : Delay bool.. Fixing A to nat, something of this style:

From Coq Require Import Arith.
Set Primitive Projections.
CoInductive stream := cons { hd: nat; tl: stream }.

Variant step (R : Type) := | Error | Next (r : R).
CoInductive delay := go { next: step delay }.
Notation different := (go (@Error delay)).
Notation "'wait' x" := (go (@Next delay x)) (at level 20).

Definition str_eq : stream -> stream -> delay :=
  cofix F (s t : stream) : delay :=
    if hd s =? hd t
    then wait (F (tl s) (tl t))
    else different.

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