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Topic: ✔ A PHOAS example

view this post on Zulip Julin S (Dec 02 2022 at 07:54):

I see that returning the value being matched itself just like that was casuing the problem. Something for me to keep in mind.
And I wasn't aware of the as e' syntax.


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view this post on Zulip Meven Lennon-Bertrand (Dec 02 2022 at 10:35):

The deeper issue is that if you are in branch, the type of the scrutinee does not change. So here in the branch for Const e still has type exp V t while the type of e' is exp V Nat, which is really what you want. And regarding the as keyword, it can be used to name any part of a branch pattern, not just the top-level one, which can prove handy at times.

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