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Topic: ✔ have with inductive spec

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Why does the following work and is it documented somewhere?

Lemma test_lemma (x y: nat) : if x==y then x=y else x<>y.
have [if_true | if_false] := ifP.

produces the goals

  x, y : nat
  if_true : x == y
  x = y

subgoal 2 (ID 140) is:
 x <> y

What I expect to happen after reading the manual is that the type of ifP

     : forall (A : Type) (b : bool) (vT vF : A),
       if_spec b vT vF (b = false) b (if b then vT else vF)

is matched with [if_true | if_false] independently of the goal. I thought that have is for forward reasoning steps only and that case: ifP is the tactic to use with inductive specs.

view this post on Zulip Pierre Roux (Mar 23 2023 at 17:17):

have [intro | intro'] := sthP is the same as case: sthP => [intro | intro'] (but is often nicer as it makes the introduced variable names more visible closer to the beginning of the line)

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