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Topic: [Crosspost] Issue 436 (call for PRs)

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Issue 436: call for PRs

When preparing the next release of mathcomp, we thought that
issue 436 would better be addressed by several people. It is
about revising the use of numerical occurrence selectors

Any PR regarding this issue about the files in the following
directories is very welcome:

Basically, what to do boils down to grep for the following
pattern {[0-9 -]*[0-9 ]} (for example with isearch-forwad-regexp
in emacs) and draw inspiration from Sakaguchi-san's PR
( who
already took care of the files in the ssreflect directory.
Here is an executive summary of what he did:

Please, advertise any on-going effort about this issue in this Zulip topic.

Thank you,

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