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view this post on Zulip Erik Martin-Dorel (Sep 27 2021 at 23:15):

Hi all, just a small heads-up in case some of you experienced increased CI build times with Docker images of Coq 8.13:
After noticing that this docker-mathcomp build raised a timeout:
the log was containing some unexpected coq recompilation:

[default] synchronised from
The following actions will be performed:
  - recompile coq         8.13.2*       [upstream changes]
  - recompile coq-serapi  8.13.0+0.13.0 [uses coq]
  - recompile coq-bignums 8.13.0        [uses coq]
===== 3 to recompile =====

just because of this patch, committed 4 days ago:
so I've just started that pipeline to do the upgrade directly in Docker-Coq (in coqorg/coq:8.13*):

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