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Topic: contribs on the CI

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (Feb 03 2021 at 19:58):

Are the coq contribs no longer maintained? has no branches past v8.9, and, for example, doesn't seem to be tested on Coq's CI

view this post on Zulip Théo Zimmermann (Feb 03 2021 at 21:47):

Coq contribs are not maintained actively anymore. Hugo Herbelin updates some of them from time to time when he finds the time or interest. When community members express interest toward a specific contrib, we propose to them to become their new maintainer as part of coq-community. More than 20 contribs have been transferred to coq-community like this now. Being the maintainer of a former contrib is not a big commitment as you can step down at any time. If you'd be interested in maintaining persistent-union-find, do not hesitate to open an issue at

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