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view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 21 2021 at 22:35):

It works! The bot has minimized ci-mathcomp for at (Still working on figuring out how to minimize ci-elpi.)

view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (May 22 2021 at 07:49):

What is the problem?

view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (May 22 2021 at 12:04):

I mean, I don't expect the minimizer to di anything special for Coq-Elpi. For a typical file, see Sequences of Elpi commands are used to "assemble programs", no way to minimize them. Then Elpi commands/tactics are just like regular commands/tactics. Coq-Elpi itself has a large (and messy) test suite with in-line Elpi code, but this is not how final products look like. Finally, foo.elpi files, once Elpi Accumulate File "foo.elpi", are shipped within the .vo file, so no need to do anything special with them anyway.

view this post on Zulip Théo Zimmermann (May 22 2021 at 12:28):

I guess the problem is the one described here:

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 23 2021 at 01:12):

That was the first issue; I was able to fix it by symlinking the expected build directory to the real one while running make ci-elpi. The current issue is

File "/tmp/.coq-native/Ntmpychg3keq.native", line 1:
Error: /github/workspace/builds/coq/coq-failing/_install_ci/lib/coq/../coq-core/kernel/nativevalues.cmi
       is not a compiled interface for this version of OCaml.
It seems to be for an older version of OCaml.
Error: Native compiler exited with status 2

Log at

Both versions of Coq are built with 4.05.0 --- and --- do the artifacts somehow have incompatible versions of OCaml? Both seem to have the same version of of the docker image: and both say bionic_coq-V2021-04-30-2b30c6dc00. Can someone with more knowledge of the native compiler help me figure out what's going on here?

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 23 2021 at 14:44):

Making progress here: I've kludged around this by passing -native-compiler ondemand when it's supported. I've found and fixed a bug in my minimization script where it tried to use the same user-contrib for both versions of Coq.

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 23 2021 at 14:47):

But now I've run into an error that I don't know how to fix, but maybe @Enrico Tassi does. At,

Declare ML Module "ltac_plugin".
Module Export AdmitTactic.
Module Import LocalFalse.
Inductive False := .
End LocalFalse.
Axiom proof_admitted : False.
Tactic Notation "admit" := abstract case proof_admitted.
End AdmitTactic.
Require Coq.ssr.ssreflect.
Require Coq.ssr.ssrfun.
Require Coq.ssr.ssrbool.
Require Coq.ZArith.ZArith.
Require Coq.QArith.QArith.
Require Coq.Strings.String.
Require Coq.Init.Ltac.
Require Coq.Bool.Bool.
Require Coq.Floats.PrimFloat.
Require Coq.Numbers.Cyclic.Int63.PrimInt63.
Require elpi.elpi.
Require HB.structures.
Require HB.examples.demo2.classical.

Import Coq.ssr.ssreflect Coq.ssr.ssrfun Coq.ssr.ssrbool Coq.ZArith.ZArith Coq.QArith.QArith.
Import HB.structures.
Import HB.examples.demo2.classical.

Declare Scope hb_scope.
Delimit Scope hb_scope with G.

Local Open Scope classical_set_scope.
Local Open Scope hb_scope.

Module Stage10.

HB.mixin Record AddAG_of_TYPE A := {
  zero : A;
  add : A -> A -> A;
  opp : A -> A;
  addrA : associative add;
  addrC : commutative add;
  add0r : left_id zero add;
  addNr : left_inverse zero opp add;
HB.structure Definition AddAG := { A of AddAG_of_TYPE A }.

Notation "0" := zero : hb_scope.
Infix "+" := (@add _) : hb_scope.
Notation "- x" := (@opp _ x) : hb_scope.
Notation "x - y" := (x + - y) : hb_scope.

(* Theory *)

Section AddAGTheory.
Variable A : AddAG.type.
Implicit Type (x : A).

Lemma addr0 : right_id (@zero A) add.
Proof. by move=> x; rewrite addrC add0r. Qed.

Lemma addrN : right_inverse (@zero A) opp add.
Proof. by move=> x; rewrite addrC addNr. Qed.

Lemma subrr x : x - x = 0.
Proof. by rewrite addrN. Qed.

Lemma addrK : right_loop (@opp A) (@add A).
Proof. by move=> x y; rewrite -addrA subrr addr0. Qed.

Lemma addKr : left_loop (@opp A) (@add A).
Proof. by move=> x y; rewrite addrA addNr add0r. Qed.

Lemma addrNK : rev_right_loop (@opp A) (@add A).
Proof. by move=> y x; rewrite -addrA addNr addr0. Qed.

Lemma addNKr : rev_left_loop (@opp A) (@add A).
Proof. by move=> x y; rewrite addrA subrr add0r. Qed.

Lemma addrAC : right_commutative (@add A).
Proof. by move=> x y z; rewrite -!addrA [y + z]addrC. Qed.

Lemma addrCA : left_commutative (@add A).
Proof. by move=> x y z; rewrite !addrA [x + y]addrC. Qed.

Lemma addrACA : interchange (@add A) add.
Proof. by move=> x y z t; rewrite !addrA [x + y + z]addrAC. Qed.

Lemma opprK : involutive (@opp A).
Proof. by move=> x; apply: (can_inj (addrK (- x))); rewrite addNr addrN. Qed.

Lemma opprD x y : - (x + y) = - x - y.
apply: (can_inj (addKr (x + y))).
by rewrite subrr addrACA !subrr addr0.

Lemma opprB x y : - (x - y) = y - x.
Proof. by rewrite opprD opprK addrC. Qed.

End AddAGTheory.

HB.mixin Record Ring_of_AddAG A of AddAG A := {
  one : A;
  mul : A -> A -> A;
  mulrA : associative mul;
  mulr1 : left_id one mul;
  mul1r : right_id one mul;
  mulrDl : left_distributive mul add;
  mulrDr : right_distributive mul add;
HB.factory Record Ring_of_TYPE A := {
  zero : A;
  one : A;
  add : A -> A -> A;
  opp : A -> A;
  mul : A -> A -> A;
  addrA : associative add;
  addrC : commutative add;
  add0r : left_id zero add;
  addNr : left_inverse zero opp add;
  mulrA : associative mul;
  mul1r : left_id one mul;
  mulr1 : right_id one mul;
  mulrDl : left_distributive mul add;
  mulrDr : right_distributive mul add;
}. Context A (a : Ring_of_TYPE A).

  Definition to_AddAG_of_TYPE := AddAG_of_TYPE.Build A
    _ _ _ addrA addrC add0r addNr.

  Definition to_Ring_of_AddAG :=
    Ring_of_AddAG.Build A _ _ mulrA mul1r
      mulr1 mulrDl mulrDr.


HB.structure Definition Ring := { A of Ring_of_TYPE A }.

Notation "1" := one : hb_scope.
Infix "*" := (@mul _) : hb_scope.

HB.mixin Record Topological T := {
  open : (T -> Prop) -> Prop;
  open_setT : open setT;
  open_bigcup : forall {I} (D : set I) (F : I -> set T),
    (forall i, D i -> open (F i)) -> open (\bigcup_(i in D) F i);
  open_setI : forall X Y : set T, open X -> open Y -> open (setI X Y);
HB.structure Definition TopologicalSpace := { A of Topological A }.

Hint Extern 0 (open setT) => now apply: open_setT : core.

HB.factory Record TopologicalBase T := {
  open_base : set (set T);
  open_base_covers : setT `<=` \bigcup_(X in open_base) X;
  open_base_cup : forall X Y : set T, open_base X -> open_base Y ->
    forall z, (X `&` Y) z -> exists2 Z, open_base Z & Z z /\ Z `<=` X `&` Y
}. Context T (a : TopologicalBase T).

  Definition open_of : (T -> Prop) -> Prop :=
    [set A | exists2 D, D `<=` open_base & A = \bigcup_(X in D) X].

  Lemma open_of_setT : open_of setT.  Proof.
  exists open_base; rewrite // predeqE => x; split=> // _.
  by apply: open_base_covers.

  Lemma open_of_bigcup {I} (D : set I) (F : I -> set T) :
    (forall i, D i -> open_of (F i)) -> open_of (\bigcup_(i in D) F i).
  Proof. Admitted.

  Lemma open_of_cap X Y : open_of X -> open_of Y -> open_of (X `&` Y).
  Proof. Admitted.

  Definition to_Topological :=
    Topological.Build T _ open_of_setT (@open_of_bigcup) open_of_cap.


Section ProductTopology.
  Variables (T1 T2 : TopologicalSpace.type).

  Definition prod_open_base :=
    [set A | exists (A1 : set T1) (A2 : set T2),
      open A1 /\ open A2 /\ A = setM A1 A2].

  Lemma prod_open_base_covers : setT `<=` \bigcup_(X in prod_open_base) X.
  move=> X _; exists setT => //; exists setT, setT; do ?split.
  - exact: open_setT.
  - exact: open_setT.
  - by rewrite predeqE.

  Lemma prod_open_base_setU X Y :
    prod_open_base X -> prod_open_base Y ->
      forall z, (X `&` Y) z ->
        exists2 Z, prod_open_base Z & Z z /\ Z `<=` X `&` Y.
  move=> [A1 [A2 [A1open [A2open ->]]]] [B1 [B2 [B1open [B2open ->]]]].
  move=> [z1 z2] [[/=Az1 Az2] [/= Bz1 Bz2]].
  exists ((A1 `&` B1) `*` (A2 `&` B2)).
    by eexists _, _; do ?[split; last first]; apply: open_setI.
  by split => // [[x1 x2] [[/=Ax1 Bx1] [/=Ax2 Bx2]]].

  HB.instance Definition prod_topology :=
    TopologicalBase.Build (T1 * T2)%type _ prod_open_base_covers prod_open_base_setU.

End ProductTopology.

Definition continuous {T T' : TopologicalSpace.type} (f : T -> T') :=
  forall B : set T', open B -> open (f@^-1` B).

Definition continuous2 {T T' T'': TopologicalSpace.type}
  (f : T -> T' -> T'') := continuous (fun xy => f xy.1 xy.2).

HB.mixin Record JoinTAddAG T of AddAG_of_TYPE T & Topological T := {
  add_continuous : continuous2 (add : T -> T -> T);
  opp_continuous : continuous (opp : T -> T)

HB.structure Definition TAddAG := { A of Topological A & AddAG_of_TYPE A & JoinTAddAG A }.

(* Instance *)

HB.instance Definition Z_ring_axioms :=
  Ring_of_TYPE.Build Z 0%Z 1%Z Z.add Z.opp Z.mul
    Z.add_assoc Z.add_comm Z.add_0_l Z.add_opp_diag_l
    Z.mul_assoc Z.mul_1_l Z.mul_1_r
    Z.mul_add_distr_r Z.mul_add_distr_l.

Example test1 (m n : Z) : (m + n) - n + 0 = m.
Proof. by rewrite addrK addr0. Qed.
Import Qcanon.
Search _ Qc "plus" "opp".

Lemma Qcplus_opp_l q : - q + q = 0.
Proof. by rewrite Qcplus_comm Qcplus_opp_r. Qed.

HB.instance Definition Qc_ring_axioms :=
  Ring_of_TYPE.Build Qc 0%Qc 1%Qc Qcplus Qcopp Qcmult
    Qcplus_assoc Qcplus_comm Qcplus_0_l Qcplus_opp_l
    Qcmult_assoc Qcmult_1_l Qcmult_1_r
    Qcmult_plus_distr_l Qcmult_plus_distr_r.

Obligation Tactic := idtac.
Definition Qcopen_base : set (set Qc) :=
  [set A | exists a b : Qc, forall z, A z <-> a < z /\ z < b].
Program Definition QcTopological := TopologicalBase.Build Qc Qcopen_base _ _.
Next Obligation.
move=> x _; exists [set y | x - 1 < y < x + 1].
  by exists (x - 1), (x + 1).
split; rewrite Qclt_minus_iff.
  by rewrite -[_ + _]/(x - (x - 1))%G opprB addrCA subrr.
by rewrite -[_ + _]/(x + 1 - x)%G addrAC subrr.
Next Obligation.
move=> X Y [aX [bX Xeq]] [aY [bY Yeq]] z [/Xeq [aXz zbX] /Yeq [aYz zbY]].

HB.instance Definition _ :  TopologicalBase Qc := QcTopological.

Program Definition QcJoinTAddAG := JoinTAddAG.Build Qc _ _.
Next Obligation. Admitted.
Next Obligation. Admitted.

HB.instance Definition _ : JoinTAddAG Qc := QcJoinTAddAG.

End Stage10.

The coqc that's supposed to pass says

File "/tmp/tmppwo0hzy0.v", line 241, characters 7-13:
Error: Cannot find module Qcanon

view this post on Zulip Enrico Tassi (May 23 2021 at 20:16):

CC @Cyril Cohen

view this post on Zulip Cyril Cohen (May 23 2021 at 21:09):

I'm spending an extended weekend without my computer ... but I can guess that the import of Qcanon might not be qualified enough in this modified context

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 24 2021 at 00:31):

Oooooh, I see what went wrong here. The minimizer uses the glob file to resolve Requires into absolute module names. The minimizer tests that one version of Coq fails and another one succeeds. However, it generates the .glob file with the failing version of coqc. Hence any Requires that are below the error do not get resolved, and hence fail when they become Imports. I guess the solution to this is to use the passing coqc to compute the glob file (or else to truncate the file at the error early on).

view this post on Zulip Jason Gross (May 24 2021 at 00:35):

I've made this into an issue at, hope to fix it within the next couple of days, and then the minimizer should be more capable of handling coq-elpi and other projects with Require in the middle of files rather than at the top.

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