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Topic: Grammar not current

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Unfortunately, on one of them, I now get:

Error: doc/sphinx/user-extensions/syntax-extensions.rst line 33: MULTIPLE MATCHES for `Notation @string := @one_term {? ( {+, @syntax_modifier } ) } {? : @scope_name }`
    Please update the rst manually while preserving any subscripts, e.g. 'NT__sub'

What does it mean?

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Maxime Dénès said:

Thanks a lot! I wonder why the error message doesn't say it. Probably so that we get an occasion to chat.

The PR template tells you what to do though, but I've observed how old-timer never read the PR template, because they think they already know the information it contains.

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as a very occasional PR submitter, I think the "new" PR templates are great, very informative and link-y.

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