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Topic: BIRS workshop on formalization of cohomology theories

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Dear all,

We're excited to announce the workshop "Formalization of cohomology theories", taking place May 21 - 26, 2023 at the Juniper hotel in Banff, Canada, hosted by BIRS.

The workshop webpage is available at this URL:

Mathematicians and computer scientists have been collaborating for years to build libraries of mathematical definitions and proofs that can be understood and checked by computers. These formalization efforts have now progressed to cover a substantial portion of an undergraduate and graduate-level mathematics education, with the aspiration to one day include all the ingredients that a modern mathematician needs for their research.

Homology and cohomology are two related sets of theories that are essential to several branches of modern mathematics including algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, etc. The first formalizations of (co)homology have recently been completed, and the time is ripe to add the full spectrum of (co)homology theories to the formal libraries. This workshop aims to bring together experts in formalization and experts in various mathematical areas to advance the state of formalization closer to the leading edge of mathematical research.

This workshop will follow a hybrid format. While in-person participation will be limited and by invitation only, we expect to have a large number of slots available for online participation as well.

If you have any questions, or would like to express your interest in participating in this workshop, please contact one of the organizers. See also:

Organizers: A. Baanen, M. Ballard, J. Commelin, H. Macbeth and and A. Topaz.

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