The users of Coq

The Coq community has contributed a large ecosystem of formalization works and plugins throughout the years. An index of OPAM packages can be browsed online. Users are encouraged to submit their packages to the index.

The Coq community has also built tools around the Coq system. You can also visit the page dedicated to related tools.

You can interact with other users of Coq through the Coq-club mailing list; the list archives are also a good source of information but they are hard to browse. There is also a wiki dedicated to Coq: Cocorico!, where you can share your experience with other users.

You can ask questions on how to use Coq on StackOverflow and questions on the meta-theory of Coq on Theoretical Computer Science SE. The advantages of these platforms over the mailing list are that they are easier to browse and allow answers to be amended over time. If you wish to answer questions on Coq on these platforms, you can browse questions tagged Coq over all the Stack Exchange sites.

The Coq development team

You can contact the Coq developers directly through the Coqdev mailing list or through Coq Gitter chat. If you want to report a bug, please consider using our bug tracking system.

You can follow the Coq development process at the Coq GitHub repository. The Coq team welcomes your suggestions and improvements submitted via GitHub pull requests.

Coq developers and interested users gather for Working Groups a few times a year. You are welcome to attend!